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Forever France
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01/08/2020 7:53 pm  

Hello and welcome.

We just wanted to lay out a few ground rules for the overall community.

Please note

  • Our purpose is to share, help and support each other
  • Please display a positive, friendly attitude and be respectful of other's opinions
  • Always try to "give" back to our community. For each time you find help or answers, try to help someone else out in return. You may find that what goes around comes around...
  • Give people a little time to respond to your requests. People are busy and it may take a little time for people to notice and respond to your request. Please be patient.
  • SELF PROMOTION is expressly prohibited except in signatures. No link drops or link building in posts. Please do not link to your site in posts or say check out my site or contact me - in any way! Do not promote (except in your signature).

THE THREE STRIKES RULE: We believe in three strikes then you are out. First violation, gentle warning, and reminder of the rules. Second violation, ban warning. Third infraction and you are out.

Exceptions to the rule are blatant spam or overt guideline violations which can result in an instant ban.

Members are responsible for what they post. The Forever France Forum cannot be held liable for the content of posted messages.

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