Finding the best cheap eats and street food in Paris

Finding the best cheap eats and street food in Paris

Think France and you’ll end up thinking food. The country is renowned for its gastronomy and its capital, Paris is no exception.

Whilst there’s fine dining aplenty in the city you don’t have to break the bank to experience some of the best food that Paris has to offer.

But where to go? Why not try The Place de la Madeleine. Known for its imposing church, built in honour of Napoleon Bonaparte, it’s also home to a number of exquisite fine food shops.

Hidden away in the church’s crypt is the Foyer de la Madeleine. A small canteen that offers some of the best value meals to be found in the city.

A three-course lunch can cost just €8 for members, although this goes up to a still very reasonable €15.50 for non-members.

You can also get great value fixed price dinner menus if you know where to look in Paris.

Try A la Biche au Bois, located between Gare de Lyon station and Bastille, where you’ll be able to get a top-class meal without blowing your budget.

If you fancy something more exotic why not try Le Bambou in the 13th arrondissement.

This Vietnamese restaurant is snug, maybe not one for the claustrophobic, but offers some of the best Vietnamese food in the city.

Le Baratin near the Pyrénées metro station offers Argentinian food whilst benefiting from a large wine selection. Perfect for pairing steak with a bold Malbec for an authentic experience.

Paris also has a great street food scene that offers another option for those looking to eat well on a budget.

Expect baguette sandwiches, kebabs, and crepes aplenty from the countless street stalls you’ll find across the city.

All tastes are catered for, whether you want to get messy with a corn on the cob smeared in butter and garlic or stick to safer things like a slice of pizza.

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