The race is on for a ski chalet in the French Alps

The race is on for a ski chalet in the French Alps

This year’s ski season is going to be historic” says the French secretary of state for Tourism, and the Alpine property market is hitting the same historic highs. 

Indeed, Leggett Immobilier’s Alps team has seen a staggering 250% increase in sales this year.

Key reasons behind this include a severely limited amount of stock, with tough planning constraints restricting new builds.

Also, there is a strong buyer demand for “fresh air” and the desire to “work from holiday home” (WFHH) which is further strengthened by the continued low cost of borrowing, with average interest rate for new homes reaching a record low of 1.15%.

Heather Byrne who runs Leggetts Alps team said: “I have lived and worked in the Alpine property market for 17 years and can’t remember a period like it.

“Buyers’ wishes have been changing in the last few years, with increased demand for energy efficiency, outside space and clean living, but Covid has accelerated things tenfold.

“Both domestic and international buyers are competing for a limited supply of property – our team has been making full use of both virtual tours and electronic contracts.

“My advice for anyone looking to buy is to let your agent know exactly what you are looking for and to stress the fact that you have your financing in place and are ready to move quickly. If you are looking to sell then we have a long waiting list of local, national and international buyers in place – act now.” 

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