Three essential tips for finding a handyman

Three essential tips for finding a handyman

Water damage? A tap to change? Appliances to install or renovations to make in the kitchen? A new curtain rod or a new light to fix?

Do you need to know how to find a the perfect handyman to carry-out those little everyday repairs at a reasonable price?

Here are our tips on finding a tradesperson in France.

Choose the right repairman or handyman

Finding the right person for the job is key

With 10,000 court cases per year related to repairmen scams, it is essential to have a few basic rules in mind when choosing the right person.

Who can you trust? Google? The flyers in your postbox? The yellow pages? Assume not!
Don’t let yourself be fooled. Vultures go for the weak… And who is more vulnerable than someone with a burst water pipe in their apartment.

Plan ahead. Keep a solution handy to find the right handyman when you need one.

All the more so if you are renting out your property. Leave some instructions for your tenant will allow them to react quickly if they need to contact a repairman.

Ask for a quote and the billing mode beforehand

Professional handymen know their trade

And ignore any excuses from those who say that they can’t send a quote to replace your tap’s washer or replace your flushing mechanism.

If they get annoyed? Ditch him right away and look for another option.

Professional handymen know their trade and the time it takes to carry out each repair.

If they ask you questions and understands your budget, it’s a good sign.
A good photo is often more revealing than a long conversation. Help them out with a picture if you can.

It will make it easier to anticipate and carry out the repair. This also means he won’t have to plan for a second visit.

Don’t pay in cash

Keep evidence of the payment. You should avoid paying in cash because this means that you won’t benefit from any after-sales service.

Always request a bill after a call-out, which will serve as proof if you want any help from your repairman further down the road.
For everyday repairs, askAndy works with the best handymen and verifies their legal documents and insurance and continually makes sure of the quality of their services.

Find out what you need, with one photo, one address and one description.