Top five reasons to work in France

Top five reasons to work in France

If you’re thinking of moving or working France there are many reasons why it’s an attractive proposition.

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons to consider working in France.

The working culture

France has one of the highest minimum wage in Europe, with those living and working in France entitled to a minimum wage in France per hour of €10.15.

The retirement age in France is also considerably lower than that of the UK and many other countries with workers eligible for the full state pension at the age of 62.

French culture favours a work-life balance. Flexible work hours are encouraged and family life is seen as being highly important.

The French operate a 35-hour working week and French workers have above average leisure time every day.

A good work-life balance is one of the best reasons to work in France.

Economy and employment rate

France is a member of the G7 and G8 powers and has one most robust economies in Europe.

Whilst the French jobs market does not suffer from a lack of jobs it does suffer from a lack of skills among workers.

With 200,000 vacant positions jobs such as machine operators, butchers, carpenters, and computer engineers skilled engineers and technicians have an excellent chance of employment. 

Industry and engineering successes

France’s biggest industries are telecommunications, machinery and defence, and the country’s industrial sectors contribute around 20% of its annual GDP.

France is the biggest producer of nuclear energy in the world, with 40% of their electricity generated through nuclear. 

France is currently investing in a wide range of new projects in advanced engineering, including awarding €1.5bn for Artificial Intelligence research.


Despite being just an hour away from the UK much of France benefits from a sunny and warm climate.

Those living and working in France can enjoy up to 170 days of Mediterranean sunshine every year, depending on the region.


Those searching for reasons to work and live in France can count an easier and more relaxed lifestyle among them.

Shops are closed on Sundays to ensure all employees receive sufficient rest every week, meal times are longer and more emphasis is placed on time spent with family than over-working.

French workers have 25 days of holiday every year.

Public transport is much cheaper than the UK, and much more efficient, with trains and buses supporting the whole country, even extending to many rural areas.